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Holidays in Italy

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Highlights Tour - Rome, Florence and Venice
Approx. 7 daysFrom£1,440
Gourmet Italian Escape
Approx. 9 daysFrom£3,140
Secrets of the North - Venice, Prosecco, and Lakes
Approx. 11 daysFrom£2,870
Southern Classic from Florence to Naples
Approx. 9 daysFrom£1,620
Foods and Traditions of the Heel of Italy - Puglia and Matera
Approx. 10 daysFrom£2,600
Grand Tour
Approx. 14 daysFrom£2,600
Romantic Escape
Approx. 9 daysFrom£2,420
Sicilian Escape
Approx. 11 daysFrom£2,690
Combined tours
France, Switzerland and Italy Road Trip
Approx. 14 daysFrom£3,040
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What to see and do

Some say that Italian is the language of poets… and it is difficult, once you have visited the country, to say otherwise! The majestic volcanos (Etna or Vesuvius), the ancient ruins that dot the country (Pompeii, the Forum of Rome…) or even the innumerable timeless works of art of the Vatican (the Sistine Chapel) or Tuscany (Florence, Pisa...) are argument enough to lean in that direction. Nevertheless, Italy does not live in the past, the proof is in the modern and attractive towns of Turin and Milan that were able to rise to the challenge of moving into the 21st century…as you can see during your preparations, by looking through the super practical guide provided for your use by the Evaneos team who put together all the information necessary for you to have before your departure. No matter the reason for your trip, be reassured: L'Italia è fatta per lei!

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